On This Day: January 11th

by James D. Irwin

On this day…

1569— First recorded lottery in England, it could be you! Unless you’re a peasant.

1787— William Herschel discovers two moons of Uranus, hilarity ensues.

1908— The Grand Canyon National Monument is created, finally putting the Grand Canyon on the map.

1919— Romania reincorporates Transylvania, possibly as a result of Van Helsing finally killing Dracula.


Born today…

1906— Albert Hoffman, directly responsible for LSD, indirectly responsible for The Beatles albums post-1966.

1957— Bryan Robson, the original Captain Marvel (not affiliated with the Marvel comics character of the same name).

1978— Emile Heskey, ‘footballer.’

1986— Rachel Riley, the 21st century Carol Vorderman.

Super power: constant injuries.
Super power: constant injuries.


Died today…

1843— Francis Scott Key, author of the poem The Defence of Fort McHenry, from which the words to The Star-Spangled Banner are taken.

1928— Thomas Hardy, Wessex Laureate.

1969— Richmal Compton, author of Just William stories.

2008— Edmund Hillary, first man to climb Everest.



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